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Loan Calculator

Debt is stressful and no one wants to carry it for any longer than they absolutely must - so how can you lighten your existing debt? The Loan Calculator shows you the way to better debt-reduction and savings!

Life Insurance

If you want a basic understanding of your life insurance options, here's the 101. We've separated the plans into five main categories. Check them out!

Retirement & Savings Tool

Achieve your financial goals. We all have goals and dreams so use this interactive tool to achieve them.

CI Direct Investing - Mortgage Calculator

This calculator determines your mortgage payment options when buying a home. Understand how long it would take to accumulate a down payment, as well as how the interest rate affects your payments.

CI Direct Investing - Savings Calculator

Saving for a purchase, big or small? Get an estimate of the future value of your savings over time. See how small additions to your savings strategy add up over time.

CI Direct Investing - TFSA vs RRSP

This calculator compares three lump-sum deposits using TFSAs and RRSPs.


What is sequence of returns risk? If you’re an investor who is entering their retirement years, generating a high return, while important, is only one factor which ultimately influences how long your savings will last.

Financial Tools

Where individual's can go to learn more about insurance and investments. Be sure to sign up for your newsletter that contains great information every month.

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