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financial flexibility for employees

The Financial Organization & Retirement Review (F.O.R.R) system is designed for the employee to get their heads above water, and to feel secure. Most employees are financially stressed, living paycheck-to-paycheck and want their money to do more – they want financial flexibility. Studies show that two-thirds of Canadians are not able to pass a basic financial literacy test, it makes sense why employee financial health is poor.

Nearly 80% of Canadian workers say that they are living paycheck-to-paycheck; so, they are financially stressed and they bring that stress to work, resulting in lower productivity. Stagnant wage growth, inflation, growing credit card debt and student loan debt, their money just doesn’t do as much as it used to, to quell the anxiety.

The days of the Canadian dream consisting of the white picket fence, golden retriever and 2.5 kids seems to be gone. Today’s employees crave a new type of Canadian dream; to achieve financial flexibility by finding ways to make money go further. Employers are in a critical position to help employees realize this new reality,, increasing loyalty and productivity for the employer.

What makes The Financial organizational and Retirement review so efficient?

The Financial Organizational and Retirement Review (F.O.R.R) helps employee’s stay on top of their finances of today and into their future.

The F.O.R.R is about clarity: taking what was a complex process and making it understandable. This requires only KEY information from an employer and using innovative algorithms, will run intuitive calculations on the employee’s behalf and provide the employee with a review that your employee will understand.

F.O.R.R automates the analysis of the employee’s financial needs by answering their most important retirement planning questions:

  • How long can I retire for?
  • When will I be able to retire?
  • What rate of return do I need to earn?
  • How much can I spend?
  • How much di I have to save?

DID YOU KNOW? Many individuals have a serious problem. They are aggressively paying off their mortgages at low interest rates, while running up credit-card debt at 19% interest or higher.

How can The Financial organizational and Retirement review boost an individual's productivity?

Studies are showing that an individual who has his or her personal finances in order is likely to be a more productive and confident individual.

Many individuals are under huge financial stress that is undermining their mental and physical health, and productivity at work.

The benefits of financial wellness, include increased productivity and commitment, appreciation of the company and its benefits, and individual employee retention, with a corresponding decrease in absenteeism and R/X drug benefit costs.

Healthcare costs to consider for future financial security:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Health and Dental


The Financial Organizational and Retirement Review also addresses the employee’s risk management needs by automatically calculating the optimal amount of coverage, taking into consideration your company’s employee’s benefits and investments.

Get started with FORR

As the financial planner industry changes and adapts, so must the processes and workflows. We believe everyone deserves financial organization and retirement review, and we provide the technology to help employees bring their financial planning into the digital age with state of the art internet tools.

7-step F.O.R.R process for Individuals:

  1. Understand an Individual’s Situation
  2. Data Collection to Analysis
  3. Analyze Individual’s Current Financial Position
  4. Develop an Understanding of Individual’s Current Financial Position
  5. Implement – Involvement to assist in Financial Success
  6. Monitor – Be Aware of Life – Life is Fluid
  7. Yearly Review to Monitor Objectives

It's about time that individual wellness dealt with issues that matter most to individuals. People under financial stress are more likely to suffer depression, anxiety, heart attacks, ulcers, digestive track problems and migraines.

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