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Protect yourself while traveling. Travel insurance is designed to cover losses resulting from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances that occur while traveling out of your home province. 

Travel insurance is a necessity while traveling, as it protects you and your family from the large and unpredictable expenses that occur while on your trip, such as emergency medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage or missed and delayed flights. Life seems to find a way to disrupt even the well-established travel plans, make sure you are always prepared with Travel Coverage.

  • It is important that you read and understand your policy before you travel as your coverage may be subject to certain exclusions or limitations. The most important detail to understand is that pre-existing clauses can be detrimental to having your travel coverage paid when needed.
  • You want to have the assurance before you leave on your trip that your pre-existing issues will be covered and paid if an issue occurs.
Travel Insurance

Specially designed for ages 0 to 80 years old

Travel Insurance Booklet

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Immigrant & Visitor to Canada

Immigrant & Visitor to Canada insurance is designed to cover losses resulting from sudden, unexpected circumstances.

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Travel Protection Plans

When you are traveling abroad, and are away from Canada or your Province of Residence it is recommended to have some sort of travel coverage in case of emergencies. Travel protection plans with emergency medical, trip, and baggage coverage help you prepare a stress-free trip. Emergency Medical and Trip Cancellation & Interruption coverage can be purchased individually or purchased as a bundle. Our travel plans offer Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay coverage for increased protection while traveling.

Travel Vacation Emergency Medical Coverage

Travel Vacation Emergency Medical coverage ensures the policy holder is protected from the costly out-of-province and out-of-Canada medical costs.

travel for Business Emergency Medical Coverage

Travel coverage for the business traveler creates unique situations that are covered when traveling for business. When day-to-day operations require frequent business travel, you should consider more than what your standard group plan offers.

Trip cancellation & Interruption Protection

Trips are expensive, protect the financial investment you made for a trip. Our coverage plans provide coverage for unexpected trip cancellations and upon individual special requests trip interruption. LEARN MORE>>>

baggage loss, damage or delay

We provide travel insurance that protects your personal item while traveling you have an option to add protection for the personal property and belongings you bring while traveling.

snowbird travel coverage

Snowbird Travel coverage covers medical expenses for emergencies sustained while traveling over 60 days.

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