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our mission is to improve the lives of our clients by investing wisely

Over the past 12 years, we have done this for thousands of families across Canada. In doing so, we have grown their collective wealth by over $678 million – but more importantly, we have helped deal with their real goals of retiring comfortably and eliminating the need to worry about money.


VPI Investment Principles

buying great business at great prices

Sustainably Profitable

Durable businesses that will be around years from now making more money

  • Difficult to live without
  • Difficult to replicate
  • Difficult to compete with
Financial Capacity

Meet their debt obligations

Strengthen themselves through reinvestment

Pay their owners a growing dividend stream


Must be reasonable in relation to what we expect to receive in return

A big part of investment success is avoiding permanent losses. That's why we invest in high quality businesses that pay dividends and grow those dividends over time.

David Atkins

VPI Canadian Equity Pool

Everybody at Value Partners invests their own money alongside yours. We can't think of a better way to demonstrate our commitment and conviction.

You can count on our people & our investment principles in good times and bad.

We are your trusted partner in building wealth.

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